Words, Creative Direction, Styling & Production: Akim Jardine | Photographer: Hylton Boucher | Grooming: Suaad Jeppie | Style Assistant: Robin-Jade Carolus | Photographer’s assistant: Ferencz SzucsTAILORING LAYOUT6

When it comes to men’s tailoring, classic pieces stay in style forever – so, with some small updates each season, you can transform a dated suit into something for every occasion.

The first tip? Lose the tie. It’s 2017, man, and unless you’re trying to prove just how much you hate breathing, the corporate noose is no longer necessary. Modern tailoring takes influence from casual and sport dressing and will not only release you from the knot, there’s also a look that’s tailor-made for your personality.

TAILORING LAYOUTSuperbalist_TailoringGuide_Look01_134

You’re against the pageantry of dressing up, and prefer to simply slip into some sharp, crisp essentials that look good without too much effort.

Do look out for pieces with geometric or small, textural accents. A contrasting button or a non-traditional collar will do the trick.

Don’t be lazy. You want it to look effortless, not like you grabbed something on your way out and then threw it on in the car. Focus on details, like socks or a watch.

Grooming guide Go for a clean-shaven look and geometric haircut.



As a trend veteran you’ve done it all before, but when you suit up you still like to keep it timeless.

Do work with texture and sheen finishes. If all-black everything is your game, try to incorporate a few different fabrics for visual interest.

Don’t wear a shirt, it’s dated and unnecessary. If you must, I beg you put the bow-tie down. In a fire.

Grooming guide Grab a comb and do a simple side path to let people know you’re a classic man.



Straightforward at first glance, inside you’re unexpectedly complex. You want people to know you’re thinking about some kind of deeper-level stuff. You’re not afraid of taking risks and you communicate in colour.

Do Opt for a knit paired with a tailored trouser – it says soft, but serious, and always go bold with colour.

Don’t forget that tailoring is about sharpness, so tuck your knit into the trousers to keep a slim shape.

Grooming guide Go natural with soft and ruffled hair and don’t style too much. Make sure it’s neat and then tell everyone “I woke up like this.”



You’re the direct opposite of the minimalist man, love excess and your daring combinations often have people glaring for a bit longer than is acceptable in the internet era.

Do Everything! Make sure each piece is considered though – in real life fashion is not that frivolous, so try working around one standout piece.

Don’t Go completely overboard on accessories. Yes, Gucci can do it on the runway, but this is real life and a humble pin or some statement shades are all you really need.

Grooming guide Look to the past. Retro hairstyles are right on-trend. Think Beatles or Leonardo DiCaprio’s curtains circa 1995.


TAILORING LAYOUT5Superbalist_TailoringGuide_Look06_037

You’re in tune with street culture and aesthetics and know the pleasures of an athluxe lifestyle all too well. So why change that when you suit up?

Do Try sporty pieces under your jacket rather than over, and don’t forget that it’s still about the suit. You should also opt for a sporty trainer, rather than a fashion sneaker.

Don’t Get lost in tech fabrics and the likes, you’re not coming from the gym. Focus on pieces that look sporty and clean.

Grooming guide You want to come across as clean and uncomplicated. Think of street culture – buzzcuts, fades or even dreads are perfect for this look.


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